Marching On

Wow, March. What a time it’s been so far. Came into the month feeling much more calm, but ready. February was rough, and March has only been around for four days, and it’s been exhausting, but in a good way. We’ve made a lot of changes for the month, and I’m trying to be a little easier on myself as well. Not lax, just…gentle.

Some exciting things have been added to my life! I recently made a creative account for myself on Instagram, where I’m participating in some drawing challenges, talking about being a mom, sharing my blog posts with the public, etc. Remember that drawing that MOPs liked so much? Well, that led to MOPs contacting me personally, and inviting me to contribute illustrations to them! It’s not paid, and there’s no guarantee they’ll use what I send, but it’s an opportunity to exercise my creativity, it’s an opportunity for a little exposure, and mostly I’m just excited to work in any capacity with a ministry that I love so much, and has been so valuable in my life.

Speaking of MOPs, I had a play date last week with a couple moms from my group. I made cinnamon rolls (monthly bread goal, check!), one mom brought fruit, and between us, there were 8 kids running around my little apartment! God bless my husband, he stayed home that day because I didn’t get a lot of sleep, and my back felt like it was going to explode – I was feeling overwhelmed, to say the least. He blessed us by keeping an eye on the kids, and we just had a great time.

At one point, five out of eight kids were all sitting together on my three kitchen chairs, munching on cinnamon rolls and strawberries. Us moms were standing around with our drinks – ranging from warm to cool, lol. My kitchen felt very full, in the best way, and it was such a neat mental picture to take. I hope I can draw it before it fizzles away.

MOPs had to be cancelled this week, unfortunately, but honestly, it was probably for the best. Our church has a month of prayer every March. We didn’t participate last year, but Tim and I agreed that we wanted to try and go every night. There are some days where we already have previous commitments, but otherwise we’re planning on being at church every night. Tim has class two nights a week, so I’ve taken the kids myself on those days (yes it’s only day four, and I’ve done it twice lol.) It’s really, really nice. We weren’t originally planning on bringing the kids every night, but decided why not? And the kids love it. Lucy talks about going to “church prayer” all day. It’s exhausting. I’m tired. But it’s a good endurance test, right? And honestly, it’s so nice to be there, seeing church family every night, I’m not even complaining about being tired – I just wasn’t expecting to be this tired, so soon. It’s really quite special, though. I’m thankful to be doing it. I’m thankful that my kids are in the environment, getting to literally grow up in church. That’s a special thing.

This is why I’m blogging at midnight – I told my husband I needed a chance to decompress, and do some self care. Writing is self care for me. It’s an easy creative outlet – and I didn’t blog on Sunday, so I’ve been missing it. Tomorrow is another long day.

And today! Well, when things get finalized I’ll share more but long story short is I’m being hired as a social media manager, for a former employer. I came up with the idea, and approached him about it on my own. We met today, and it went so well! I truly believe that this was a door that the Lord opened up, and I’ll be honest I’m really proud of myself for going for it. It paid off, and I hope that I do the job as well as I think I can.

The other night, I was thinking about how I’ve never done something like this before, but the truth is – I’ve actually done it several times. It’s how I got the job with this employer the first time – I walked into his shop, told him how qualified I was, and was basically hired on the spot. The first barista job I ever got was done the same way (except I emphasized what a fast learner I was, since I had no experience lol.) I got free training at a gym because I went in and said hey, can I do any work for you in exchange for training? I’m a bit of a lil go-getter, when I stop and think about it…maybe I’m not as much of an underachiever as I thought I was?

I’m also likely going to be taking on a little more responsibility in my parents’ ministry, which I’m looking forward to.

I hope that this is all a sign of the good place that I’m in right now – especially mentally, and spiritually. There’s so much more peace in our life right now, which is always a good indicator that we’re in the Lord’s will. So, for that I praise Him! I’m thankful, excited, humbled! I feel ready to take on these things, and I’m excited to see where everything leads.

Now, if you’ll excuse me…I’m going to do a face mask, and go to bed.

Thanks for reading!


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