Thoughts on Disney P.2

Well, it’s time. It’s here.

Before I begin, I want to remind you, reader, that everything I write from this point on is my opinion. My opinion, alone. I’ll do my best to explain why I think what I think, and if you want to ~calmly~ chat about anything, I’m totally down. You probably know how to reach me.

I also want to remind you that I’m not trying to make you feel bad for liking Disney – or loving Disney. But if you consider what I share, and it makes you think that maybe you should rethink Disney a little….I encourage you to explore that. Who knows what you’ll find. Just don’t explore on Google. I discourage using biased search engines.

As Disney has been on my mind these last few months, the only way for me to get all these thoughts out of my head is to write. For the sake of not jumping around too much, I’m going to share thoughts about movies chronologically, as they come to me. I’m not doing any deep-dive analysis, I’m just sharing things that stick out to me at the top of my head. There’s really no plan here.

I feel like Snow White is an easy place to start, since it’s Disney’s first film. Aside from a maniacal queen trying to murder a little girl, I don’t actually think there’s much wrong with this movie. Her being in the care of 7 old men is weird, but idk. There’s nothing that seems covertly inappropriate.

Let’s take a look at PINOCCHIO, now. I found an entire article (that you can read here)describing the scene from Pleasure Island, and before I started writing this post, as I was thinking about the film, I realized – THAT SCENE. That SCENE with all the little boys.

It’s like all these parties that we’re hearing about, where managers take these underage kids and get them drunk or otherwise intoxicated, and then sexually abuse them. They tell these kids that they don’t need their parents, and then scare them into silence about their abuse.

LET ALONE the name PLEASURE ISLAND. This is a freaking KIDS MOVIE. A bunch of little boys being told they can do whatever they want, and then they turn into donkeys. They’re terrified, crying out for their mamas. Being overpowered by adults, having their freedom and ability to speak completely taken away from them.

Fantasia, I mean, the gargoyle/demon scene was always frightening to me. Why is it there? I don’t know. Ultimately I don’t know that I see anything wrong with this film, aside from dark content.

Dumbo and Bambi are some of my least favorite Disney movies, and a popular Disney theme is children being separated from their parents. Also, children (I realize these characters are animals, but you understand,) being ridiculed by strangers. Really mean spirited towards young characters.

Cinderella, I mean…again, mistreating children. Why is Disney obsessed with making parental figures/family bad guys? Thankfully, I think this movie is redeemed by Cinderella’s character. She’s kind, and stands up for herself. She calls out the bad characters for being mean. I like Cinderella – there’s no dark magic/themes, and ultimately she wins out in the end.

Alice in Wonderland – don’t even get me started. This girl is a complete idiot, and no one is watching her. She eats and drinks things that alter her body, she smokes suspicious things, and just….does it. She might question things a little, but she goes along with everything. Totally irresponsible. Ugh, I hate this movie.

Peter Pan – I used to really love this movie. However, this “never get old” mentality is something that I’ve grown to really dislike over the years. Plus, I think it’s fair to admit that there’s evidence that J.M. Barrie was a pedophile. Pretty Straightforward. Used to love Finding Neverland, though. It always made me cry.

Sleeping Beauty. Well, let’s see – parent’s make a deal with a clearly evil person for their daughter’s life? The heck? There’s nothing redeeming about this movie. Why are all these characters under 18? What parents make a deal with the devil over their CHILD? Because let’s be honest  – Maleficent is straight up a female form of the devil She’s one of the move evil Disney Villains.

101 Dalmatians – Oh, boy. Imagine this movie is about babies, and not puppies for a minute. Welcome to the Deep State and their worship of Moloch, making shoes out of the skin of children! (this sounds facetious, but it’s not.) Seriously, between the kidnapping, the intent to murder, and then skin….what the heck, dude? Why were we ever okay with this storyline?? This was my favorite movie when I was a kid.


On that note, I’m going to wrap up. I’ll go through more next week.

Like I said, there’s no plan here. I’m shooting off my thoughts, to be considered. If you made it this far, thanks for reading.


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