Blogtober, Day 3. Christmas shopping.

Christmas is on its way. The last four months of the year are my favorite (well, and the first three, I guess.) Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, but Christmas certainly is a day unto itself.

However, over the years, I’m felt less and less inclined to do Christmas shopping. We buy so much stuff through the year, I suppose what I could try next year is limiting all unnecessary shopping to birthdays and Christmas. That would be an interesting challenge!

I love giving gifts. But, like Charlie Brown, the commercialization of Christmas has begun to wear me out. Even seeing Target starting to sell Christmas decor is like, “uhg, guys.”

I want to teach my kids that Christmas is about blessing others. I think that this year they’ll be old enough to learn how to think about gifts to give people, and that might be fun.

This year, though, I’d honestly like to forego gifts altogether (except Santa gifts for the kids,) and just run away to a cabin for a few days for some quiet. I need more quiet. The last few days have felt like being trapped in a metal room, with nothing but people throwing rocks and screaming the entire time. 😑

I have, however, decided to start embracing Thanksgiving early. Since we don’t do Halloween, might as well lean heavy into Thanksgiving to distract my kids from all that. Not sure what to do yet, but that’s the plan!


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