Long time, no blog.

Hello, hello. Here we are. It’s September 2021, and the world is in a literal tailspin towards communist destruction. There’s a lot going on. I’m not here to be the bearer of bad news, however – if you want that, just follow me on Facebook!

No, instead, let’s just catch up, shall we? That’s typically what I end up doing when I write here…mainly because I haven’t written in several months. Today, what’s on my mind is this: routine.

I think the reason that I’m thinking about routine is because ours has been up in the air for almost a month. It’s ~mostly~ unchanged, but we have had house guests for three consecutive weeks, going into a fourth. I’m not complaining, don’t get me wrong, but no matter who your guest is or how relaxed you can be around them, it still brings a significant shift to your day-to-day. Truly, nothing about it has been bad (well, except for one thing that happened a couple weeks ago, but I’m not ready to share about that now.) It’s really special to get to visit with loved ones, and just live life with them for a while. You have an excuse to do something special once in a while, and you get to just have a new vibe in the house for a while. On top of that, having done so much traveling and visiting this year ourselves, it’s nice to have people come to us! Definitely brings the stress factor down by a LOT.

SO, on that note – routine. I am not good at making, or keeping routines. Big ones, like waking up, having breakfast, and going to bed, sure. Kind of. I still, at the age of 30, as a mother of two, do not have a consistent bedtime. But it’s on the list! Anyway, I love routine – but I hate feeling like I am forced to do things a certain way, because if I deviate or fail…then I just collapse into a puddle of failure, and it takes me FOREVER to even THINK about trying again. I’m trying to learn how to extend grace to myself, especially because I want my kids to learn how to extend grace to themselves. I’m already seeing signs of myself in them – quitting right after they fail, even though I know that if they keep trying they’ll figure it out! Now I know how my parents felt \_"*"_/

Okay – so far, we have established that I want to live a life with routine, I try and fail, I struggle to try again, but I WANT ROUTINE. If not for my sake, for my kids sake. Okay. Well, it’s time for some success stories.

In this year, the year of our Lord, 2021, I have established one very solid routine: reading my Bible. Sometime in late January, I decided that I wanted to read my Bible more. “I wonder if other people have a hard time reading their Bible like me?” I thought to myself. So, with a sudden inspiration that I believe to have been the Holy Spirit, I decided to go live on Instagram, and start reading the Bible. “If other people have a hard time making time to read, maybe they can make some time to listen to someone just read a single chapter!” And that’s what I do, every Monday through Friday, around 11am, I go live and read one chapter of the Bible. After I read, I kind of walk back through it, and think out loud about what I read. It’s been…amazing. I don’t know if it’s been amazing for anyone else, but I know for myself, it’s been life-changing. The process works for me – reading out loud helps me stay engaged, when reading quietly almost always makes me sleepy. Then, talking through my thoughts about it helps me process what I read and retain it. So, even if no one watches those videos, I know some people do, it’s been a blessing for me and my walk with God, and that’s all I can ask at this point.

The next routine that I’ve recently begun, but enjoy so much that I already have myself kind of trained to WANT to do it, is having tea before bed. Yes, me. Yes, tea. I genuinely look forward to having a cup of tea at night. I sit in my bed, sip my tea, and read a book. It’s a freakin DELIGHT, lemme tell ya. I knew it would be, everyone says it is, but I was in a scary rut of just watching reels until my husband came to bed, and every night I felt bad about it, and I went to bed not grumpy but just…overstimulated. I realize I’m blogging at 1am, but I’m drinking my tea and I’m going to read afterwards. Plus, this is writing. It’s still creative expression, and also a form of journaling, which is something else I’d like to do regularly, but my thoughts move faster than my handwriting. So, blogging it is.

The next routine that I have to tackle is homeschooling. My daughter (and, effectively my son,) is starting preschool. Tomorrow. That is, Wednesday. She also starts her dance class tomorrow. I am nervous about homeschooling, even though I always encourage other moms to homeschool and not be nervous! I have a mindset, for some reason, that if I don’t follow the curriculum TO THE LETTER, my kids are going to end up dumb, and miss out of ESSENTIAL EDUCATION. I know this isn’t true. I know this is silly to think. But I do. I’m actively trying to extend myself grace, and just be excited to start. I think we’ll have fun. I hope so, at least!

I turned 30 this year, and it’s really been a special year. We have gotten to travel, and see a lot of people. We’ve been able to participate in some once-in-a-lifetime experiences. We have gone to a lot of weddings this year! The final wedding of the year is this weekend, one of my very good friends from my Starbucks days. My best friend got married this year, and as special as that time was for her, it’s was very special for me in other ways, which was unexpected. I’ve learned how to shoot guns, Tim and I got our LTC. I’ve read more of the Bible this year, than I have in my entire life – and I graduated Bible college, so that’s not saying a lot about me LOL. I’ve recently made a full reconciliation with an old friend of mine, and that has been very sweet to my soul indeed. I have grown a lot, my family has grown a lot, and evolved in many ways. There’s still a long way to go, but at least I know that God will continue His good work in us until heaven. Thank you, Lord!

Honestly, so far, 2021 has been a very, very good year. Out in the the wild world, it’s been chaos, but for our little family, it’s been a sweet, special year.


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