Quarantine tears, but the good kind.

I, like many of you, am feeling quarantine. Every day, I thank God that our circumstances have not changed much, that our needs and comforts are met, and that we are healthy. However, the casual enjoyment of the outside world is beginning to be missed. It’s easy to talk about how hard quarantine is – it’s important to not hold it in, either. If you need to vent about quarantine for the sake of your mental health, you should do it. There’s no judgement from me – all that matters is that we all stay healthy, in body, mind, and spirit. And yes, there are many other dark realities of quarantine, and I’m not suggesting that those aren’t important. Do what you can to support people truly hurting from this time.

However, I want to pivot from the hardship of quarantine, and shine light on how special this time is, and can be.

Consider first how much outside noise has been quieted. Pro sports, hollywood, all the things that we, myself included, would get so caught up in. Gossip, new movies, hollywood politics, etc. So much noise. Instead, we’re learning that those things are unnecessary. I mean, the Met Gala is cancelled for crying out loud. And who’s really missing it, honestly? You can gape at celebrities on Instagram, if that’s really what you want to do.

Instead of looking at “nowhere to go” as a bad thing, consider what’s happening instead.  Parents are home with their kids – some, who wanted to try schooling at home, are getting the chance to practice it, and find out what works for them. Getting a chance to experience, in real time, that schooling can be anything from baking a cake, to taking a walk in the woods. Businesses are learning that there’s a percentage of the workload than can be done from home – wouldn’t it be amazing if people could limit their long commutes, and send more time with their families, spend more time taking proper care of their health?

People are getting to activate their brain in ways like never before! So much creativity. People who never thought they could cook, have time to learn how to cook, and bake! We’re making time for the relationships that matter to us. We’re figuring out how to make video calls special. We’re sending letters, care packages, we’re getting friendly with our neighbors (really, we actually know all our neighbors names, now!)

Those of us who are home, we get this unique opportunity to recharge from the outside world. The chance to flourish is new ways. Try new things. Build stuff, plant gardens, paint pictures, start book clubs, cook meals together, etc.

Maybe I’m too optimistic. But there’s something wholesome about quarantine, that we shouldn’t lose sight of. Maybe we’ve lost some freedom for a short time to do certain things – but we’ve gained so much freedom for so many other things! This is a chance to start new habits, end old ones, read that book, write that song, make that movie, whatever you want! Bake that bread, try that coffee, the possibilities are endless!

We aren’t lost, we aren’t void of hope. Let Jesus be your hope. Ask Him to show you those hidden gifts and talents that He’s given you, but you’ve never made time for. I promise you, there’s something!

Why the tears? Well. There’s just something about seeing people thrive through hardship, and be creative that just makes me verklempt. God made us to be togehter, He made us to create, He made us to use our brains and try new things – and now, we have the chance to do that.

Without the extra noise of our other small-g gods.


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