Thoughts on Disney P.3

Before I get into my movie rundowns, I want to talk about a new show that Disney is putting out, called “The Owl House.” It’s described as “horror fiction,” on Google, and it’s about a teen girl who “stumbles upon a portal to another world…” This world is essentially the underworld, where humans are hated, and this girl ends up becoming the apprentice of the most powerful witch in this world. This is a kids show, that airs on Disney Channel, and was renewed for a second season TWO MONTHS before the show even AIRED.

Considering the themes in this show, the fact that it’s called The Owl House is particularly revealing. There is an ancient deity known as Moloch, who is associated with child sacrifice. In the Old Testament, the name Baal is more commonly used in reference to it. It is common, and known (unless you have your head in the sand,) that this deity is often represented with an owl. Knowing what we know about Disneys ties to Epstein, and Esptein’s ties to people who worship Moloch, it is not beyond the scope of imagination that this show is trying to normalize something very, very, wicked. Something that is 100% about destroying children.


After some thought, I’d like to add to my previous thoughts about Snow White, and Cinderella. Things that are actually quite obvious, but for some reason escaped my mind at the time.

The common denominator in both films is CHILD ABUSE. Duh, Hannah. Both girls are made to be slaves in their own home, both movies present stepparents as untrustworthy, which I hate. I can’t think of a Disney movie that really presents parents or stepparents as positive characters, maybe Tiana’s mom in The Princess and the Frog (but then, that movie is full of voodoo, and demonic activity, so it’s not really better???) They’re either, evil, dead, aloof, overbearing, or distracted.

Moving down the line, we have the Sword in the Stone. This is another one of my childhood favorites. But again, you’ve got mean family members, an unusual stranger who takes an interest in the awkward young boy, and wants to train him to be a knight or whatever. This kid gets shuffled to at least one other totally shady adult character, Madame Mimm (I mean, “Madame,” really?) The kid’s relationship with the wizard makes him shirk his chores, he becomes unreliable, deceptive. You tell me.

Now, The Jungle Book, another favorite, is a weird one because it’s one human character, with a bunch of jungle animals with personalities. He technically has a family, the wolves. But his relationship with Baloo, and even Bagheera are both a little weird if you think about them long enough. Aside from the multiple brushes with death he has. But he only encounters male characters, except for the little girl. That’s weird. Yes, I know this is based on a book, but you know. It was written a long time ago, and people have nasty, and evil since before that. So, I wouldn’t be surprised if Kipling has some sordid secrets of his own.

The Aristocats – again, just animals, mostly. But again, with the kidnapping! I think that this story is mostly fine, the jazz cat apartment is a bit shady, perhaps.

Robin Hood doesn’t seem to target and child character specifically, I don’t think there’s really anything wrong with it. It’s more historical than anything, and we all know Robin Hood the fox is the best fox of them all.

Winnie the Pooh, again, I have no problem here. My kids love Pooh, I’m okay with Pooh.

The Rescuers – OY. Sit and think about this one long enough, and an already heartbreaking movie becomes even more so. The kidnapping (what is probably human trafficking, honestly.) We know the villains are mentally abusive, of not more, we know this girl is not being cared for. This is a terrible, terrible story.

The Fox and the Hound is just the worst, period.

The Great Mouse Detective is another favorite of mine, But again, more kidnapping – not of a child, thankfully, but still. I know it’s based on Sherlock Holmes, I know it’s a mystery, etc. I’m really trying to not overthink things, like I’ve said before.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit…Now, I don’t really remember watching this movie, but I listened to a book on tape retelling of the movie like, a lot. I know Jessica Rabbit is not a kid-friendly character, but otherwise I don’t remember much. Except for “P-p-p-p-pLEASE, HELP ME.” And Shave and a haircut.

Oliver and Company is next – this is mostly just upsetting because Fagin is a such a sad case. More kidnapping, the poodle dog and the Tito character are uncomfortably sexual. Great musical number, though.

I’m going to pause here. Up next is The Little Mermaid, which I have hated for years. Thanks for sticking around!


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