2016: A Year in Review

2016, man. What a year for us all. It has been a full year for Tim and I, that’s for sure. We’ve had a lot of opportunities to do a lot of fun things this year, our first year married, and our first eleven months without a baby. We’ve gone to see a couple of our favorite bands live, we’ve taken a spontaneous trip to Florida, we had dinner at the Top of the Hub in Boston, we saw Beauty & The Beast off-Broadway, we traveled to Vermont for a vacation. We welcomed our daughter into the world.

We’ve laughed, cried, lived, and loved. It’s been a really, truly blessed year. Our portion of hardship hasn’t been too much to bear, but instead it’s helped us grow, bond, and mature as individuals, and a couple. The two things that have been the most valuable, and important for us this year are firstly, on a practical note, honesty and communication – challenging though it may be sometimes, I swear, being honest with each other, and choosing to make the effort to communicate with each other has helped make this first year of marriage so much less agonizing than it could have been.  Secondly, and more importantly, trusting God. We have had our hills, mountains, and valleys this year, but God has been faithful to bring us over and through them all. There is no way that either of us would be where we are today except by the grace, mercy, and love of God. He has proven time and again to be our Rock, our Comfort, our Provider, and our Peace.

And now, just for funsies, a visual recollection of our year…



Date night – we were supposed to go to his work’s Christmas party, but got lost in Boston instead.



Tim surprised me with dinner at the Top of the Hub for my birthday. The view was incredible, and the creme brulee changed our lives.



Shauna had some vacation time, so of course it was a good idea to out-of-the-blue make a trip to Florida, right?



We found out for sure that I was pregnant at the end of March. Here’s our first look at Lucy!



Mini golfing double date with Sam and Mike.



I forget how this came about, but we decided to randomly have a picnic one day. Complete with lemonade, and fried chicken, and a beautiful (but long) walk in the park.



After I left my job at the Cafe, I had weekends free. To celebrate our first weekend together, Tim surprised me with a fort! For context, when we had first started talking last year, we joked about making a blanket fort in the yard. 



I failed the first sugar test for gestational diabetes, and had to take the long 3-hr one. 15 hours without food, and several games of war later, this guy stuck by my side the whole time.



Baby bump!



A lot of things happened in October, but this is from our drive up to Vermont for a little early anniversary vacation.



Looking pretty good for the day after a 25-hour long, unmedicated labor.



I stumbled upon a cyber-black-Monday-whatever deal that was 70% off cards, so we whipped up some impromptu Christmas card photos.

2016. It’s almost over, and Tim and I are just beginning a new adventure together. I can’t wait to see how Lucy continues to grow and change, and how we grow and change with her, and together.


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