Learning to Worship Again

Worshiping God. It’s something that Christians do. We each do it our own way, and it’s a personal experience. It’s an opportunity to be in the presence of the Father, who saved us, and redeemed us. A chance to pour out love, and gratitude, and take our cares to Him. I think it’s a form of prayer…or, prayer is a form of worship. Or both.

Recently, we began attending a church that we really feel is the place that God brought us. I had a feeling He would bring us there, and I am so blessed by everything it has offered us so far. For me, having had the need, and desire for a place that I could just feel safe, and grow, and be at peace…this has been that place. Our pastor just sent us a text to say hey, and that he missed us. I have never felt so free to worship the Lord, at least not in the past few years. I love to worship God, but there just was a point where I didn’t anymore. I didn’t raise my hands, I didn’t say anything out loud. Now, my hands lift past my head. I feel so much peace now, to worship my heavenly Father.

I was particularly blessed yesterday in service. We were a little late, and at whatever point I just decided to close my eyes, and think about the Lord. This led me on a journey to understanding the value of worship. There are some things in my life that I’m dealing with, and trusting the Lord with, and when I began to worship, those things came into my mind. I realized how I was really feeling about things, etc.

Now, what is common – or at least it has been common for me – is to wallow-worship. I stew, and cry, and despair over my pain or troubles while I lift my hands to God, thinking that that somehow brings Him glory. When really, it’s my emotions. It’s literally worshiping my emotions, and feelings.

I’m not saying that we don’t process, and heal during worship, but there has to come that point where we hand those things over to Jesus, and then praise Him for His mercy, and grace, and love, and faithfulness. We must take our attention away from the things that press on us, and put them on the altar of our hearts…and leave them there.

That was a popular phrase in college…the altar of your heart. Now, as I write this, it’s beginning to make sense to me.

Our body is the temple of God (1 Corinthians 16:19.) Our heart is the center of our being (Luke 6:45) So, the altar of our heart….if we are the temple, and the heart is that place where fruit is grown. SO…do you see where I’m going here?

When we worship, when we go before the Lord with our hearts, there are things that we need to give to Him because frankly, if they linger in our hearts, they can take root and grow into something unhealthy.

When we give them to Him, we need to be done with it. We need to take it, lift our hands from it, to Jesus, and praise Him. We leave that thing in the hands of Jesus, because trust me, He’s big enough.

That’s what’s been on my mind. God is faithful. He’s teaching me things every day, and He’s answering my prayer of starting fresh with Him.


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